Physics Training and Talent Search

About The Program :

Physics Training and Talent Search (PTTS) is a training program for undergraduate and post graduate students. The first program of its kind was held from Dec.18 to 30,2015 at Kuvempu University, Karnataka for about 50 B.Sc III year students selected across India, with funding from several research institutes and national science academies. This program was highly successful and motivated us to continue it. The second program was held at Regional Institute of Education [RIE], Mysore for 50 B.Sc III year students selected. The third Program was held at Loyola college , chennai from may 22 to June 03, 2017 for M.Sc. Student form across india  with funding from Institute of mathematical sciences, Chennai and Triveni educational  trust,Allahabad.

To train motivated undergraduate/post graduate  students to understand and apply physics concepts in both theory and experiments.To provide a platform for motivated students to interact with peers and experts in the field.To identify talented students and nurture their talent for a research career in Physics.

The main features of the program are:

a) Difference in teaching methodology: It will be interactive in nature, where students will be encouraged to think, ask questions, critically examine the concepts and apply.

b) Emphasis on proper foundations in physics.

c) Identify talented students from rural, colleges and smaller universities, who may not have access to good education.

The programme is modelled along the lines of highly successful Mathematics Training  and Talent Search (MTTS) programme that has trained several mathematicians in India since 1993. For details visit .

Other similar programmes in Physics are the Advanced B.Sc. (Physics) Programme in Ahmedabad, the REAP programme in Bangalore [] and STIPAC: Summer Training in Physics and Chemistry at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Coordinators of PTTS have been associated with the programmes at Ahmedabad and Kalpakkam.

This year PTTS-2018 to be held at National Institute of Technology, Surathkal from May 21 to June-10, 2018. There will be two levels: Level1 for Bsc/IMSc -II year students , Level-II for Msc-I year/IMSc-IV year.There will be two theory courses and one experimental course.Travel by II AC and local hospitality will be provided for the selected students. Certificate and resource materials will be provided for students attending the course completely.

This program is funded by Infosys Science Foundation.