Physics Training and Talent Search

About The Program :

Physics Training and Talent Search (PTTS) is a training program for highly research motivated and talented undergraduate and post graduate students across the nation.


The first program of its kind was held from Dec.18 to 30,2015 at Kuvempu University, Karnataka for about 50 B.Sc III year students selected across India, with funding from several research institutes and national science academies. This program was highly successful and motivated us to continue it. Since then 4 programs have been held at different venues every year.
PTTS-2015 Kuvempu University BSc -III year students
PTTS-2016 Regional institute of Education, Mysore, BSc-III year students
PTTS-2017 Loyola College, Chennai MSc I year students
PTTS-2018 National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, BSc II year and MSc -I year students

To provide a platform for motivated students to interact with peers and experts in the field.To identify talented students and nurture their talent for a research career in Physics.



Teaching will be interactive in nature, where students will be encouraged to think, ask questions, critically examine the concepts and apply.Unlike in traditional lectures, in this programme classes will not be in the conventional chalk and talk style will be interactive in nature. Students will be asked questions, and will be encouraged to ask questions, in the lectures.They will be encouraged to discuss the solutions among themselves in the tutorials with the teacher playing more the role of a facilitator.

The experimental physics course will be structured so as to make students think of how to propose and design an experiment, and to identify errors in obtaining and interpreting the data. They will not be given a pre - designed experiment with instructions.

Though the content of the course is by and large traditional, the goal will be to train them to think like like a physicist.

To bring to focus the novelty in teaching methodology, a set of suggested guidelines for teachers has been prepared for both theory and experimental courses. which will be shared with the resource persons. We believe that this teaching methodology, in the theory courses and especially in the experimental course, will have a larger impact on the philosophy and training in physics education beyond PTTS.


We believe that students must have a sound understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics and must know how to apply them, before they branch off to advanced topics. Hence we focus on those concepts which they are expected to know as a part of their regular college and university curriculum.The syllabus is framed keeping in mind the background of students from smaller institutions. However, the emphasis is not on completing the syllabus, but on ensuring that whatever students learn, they understand completely.

Effort will be made to have equitable distribution among different regions, from smaller institutions and gender.

Similar Programs
This programme is modelled along the lines of highly successful Mathematics Training  and Talent Search (MTTS) programme that has trained several mathematicians in India since 1993. For details visit .

Other similar programmes in Physics are the Advanced B.Sc. (Physics) Programme in Ahmedabad, the REAP programme in Bangalore [] and STIPAC: Summer Training in Physics and Chemistry at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Coordinators of PTTS have been associated with the programmes at Ahmedabad and Kalpakkam.

This year PTTS-2019 to be held at Manipal Institute of Technology (Manipal Academy of Higher Education), Udipi, Karnataka from May 23 to June-12, 2019. There will be two levels: Level-I for Bsc/IMSc -II year students , Level-II for Msc-I year/IMSc-IV year.There will be two theory courses and one experimental course.Travel by II AC and local hospitality will be provided for the selected students. Certificate and resource materials will be provided for students attending the course completely.