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Details of the program for 2018


PTTS 2018 is for BSc Third  year /First year MSc students who are highly motivated towards research.

Structure of the PTTS2018 Program:

Every working day, there will be lectures and tutorials and a laboratory session on Experimental Physics. There will be a session on A Career in Physics and also a few evening lectures on recent developments in Physics.




PTTS 2015

Resource Persons:


Mathematical Physics 

Electricity and Magnetism

There will also be guest lectures on topics of current research. There will be a session on career prospects in physics.

Methodology of training

Unlike in traditional lectures, in this program classes will be interactive in nature.  Students will be asked questions, and will be encouraged to ask questions in the lectures. They will be asked to come to the blackboard to solve a problem or explain a concept during tutorials. There will be an emphasis on clarifying students' understanding of fundamental principles.   Assignments for the afternoon tutorials will include problems and discussion questions based on the topics discussed in the morning. Students will be encouraged to discuss the solutions among themselves with the teacher playing more the role of a facilitator. An appropriate syllabus will be developed keeping in mind the college syllabus in different parts of the country. The experimental physics course will be structured so as to make students think of how to propose and design an experiment, and to identify errors in obtaining and interpreting the data. They will not be given a pre-designed experiment with instructions. The emphasis in both theory and experiments will be on training students to think independently. Motivated students will learn to enjoy doing physics.

Selection Process:

About 100 students from all over India will be selected.( 50 students from 3rd year B.Sc and 50 students from I year M.Sc) 

The selection of students will be by a committee consisting of the coordinators.

Students from colleges and smaller universities, who may benefit the most from the exposure to a program such as PTTS, will be preferentially selected.

Selection will be based on the performance in any standard examination such as the National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE), NTSE, KVPY, academic performance at school and college level, teacher's recommendation, your responses in the application form, etc.

Teachers when giving recommendation letters are encouraged to assess the students for high motivation, analytic ability, how quick they are in understanding concepts, curiosity and eagerness to ask questions in class.

How to apply:

Go to the application page and fill up the application before the deadline.

Download the Teacher's Reference form here .

Your teacher should email the filled Reference form to or send it by speed post to the address in the form

Last Date Of Receiving The Online Application: 21st February 2018

Dates of the Program:

21-May to 10-June,2018

Travel and accommodation:

Travel by II AC and local hospitality will be provided for the selected  students


Students successfully completingthe program will be given acertificate.

Venue & Contact details

Departmentof Physics, National Institute of Surathkal Karnataka, Srinivasnagar P.O.575025 Phone:08242473281(Office)

Address for correspondence:

Local Coordinator

Dr. Ajith K.M.

Department of Physics,


Srinivasnagar P.O.-575025

Phone: 08242473281 (O)