PTTS-21 is rescheduled to start from July-5 and end on July-25,21.





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School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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  • We are NOT interested only in the correctness of the final answer. Even if you don’t know the complete answer, write how it should be done or how it should be approached, so that we may assess your thinking ability. 
  • You may refer Google or books/other resources for consulting. But DO NOT copy answers from them. Do NOT  ask others how to solve the question.
  • Write your reasoning and steps leading to your answer as detailed as you can. You can write by hand legibly or type on a paper, scan, and upload as a pdf or jpg file.
  • If the connection at your place is not good, you may face difficulty in uploading and get an error message.
  • Your question will be available every time you login. 



Level-1 (BSc):

Quantum mechanics: Jayanth Vyasanakare(Azim Premji University,Bengalore)

Experimental physics: K.T.Satyajit ( 

NMAM Institute of Technology, 
Nitte )

Vandna Luthra (Gargi College, New Delhi)



Quantum mechanics: V.Ravishankar (IIT,Delhi)

Experimental physics : Anjan Gupta (IIT,Kanpur)




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PTTS objective is to provide a platform for motivated students to interact with peers and experts in the field through active learning methodology. To identify talented students and nurture their talent for a research career in Physics.

Other Programs

There was an online workshop on"ACTIVE LEARNING FOR PHYSICS TEACHERS" between March-4,2021 to March-7, 2021 with a welcome message by Prof Carl Weiman (Nobel Prize winner) and the resource persons:

Dr. Georg Rieger, Dept. of Physics and Former Dept. Director of the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, University of British Columbia

Dr. Eric Burkholder, Dept. of Physics, Stanford University.

About 35 teachers participated in the workshop.


There was a 2 day discussion meeting on "Experimental Program of PTTS" at IISER ,Pune on Nov-4& 5 2019.

There 23 particpants across the country and had a productive discussion on suggestions for  potential experiments for future program.


A Mini-PTTS was organised  at KBN College from Dec-16 to Dec -20,2019 for 50 students of BSc II year students  from AP. They were given a short course on Mechanics, Oscillations and one day hands-on experimental session.

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