We regret to announce that PTTS 2020 is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.







Physics Training and Talent Search (PTTS) is Program where training is based on Active learning methodology, for highly research motivated and talented undergraduate and post graduate students across the nation.

Active learning stands in contrast to traditional learning, where students are passive receipents of knowledge from experts. Active learning involves broad strategies in which students are actively  engaged in class through questions, discussions, peer instructions,problem solving. paired discussions.  

In this program, participants are expected to experience active learning in lectures. Tutorial will ensure students learn through peer discussion, with teacher acting as facilitator for students to solve problems.


The Lab course is designed such that participants will have to conceptualize, design experiments based on a one-line question posed. The whole apparatus, including measuring apparatus, must be cost effective. They will not be given any standard set of instructions and readily set up apparatus and measuring instruments.

We also hope to develop and popularize active learning methodology of training , which is student focused , with interactive learning in theory and experimental course.


We hope to produce a stream of   highly motivated students opting for research and those who opt to become teachers, will be of high quality.  We hope to provide exposure of good training, for students from places which have limited resources and from institutions from rural areas

Since 2015 annually we have been organising this program for undergraduate and post graduate students in physics across the nation. In recent times, this program is fully supported by the Infosys Science Foundation.



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PTTS objective is to provide a platform for motivated students to interact with peers and experts in the field through active learning methodology. To identify talented students and nurture their talent for a research career in Physics.

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