APPLICATION PROCESS : Important read before applying

Register First . Giving Your  Name and Email.  Set password  instruction  will be sent to your email.  Then Log in  as student. At the end  an  question will appear. The same question will come every time you log in.  You do NOT  have to answer  it immediately,

Read the Instructions Carefully  below before answering online questions

  • We are NOT interested only in the correctness of the final answer. Even if you don’t know the complete answer, write how it should be done or how it should be approached, so that we may assess your thinking ability. Answer to the question is only a part of the selection process.

You may refer Google or books/other resources for consulting. But DO NOT copy answers from them. Do NOT  ask others how to solve the question.

      Write your reasoning and steps             leading to your answer in some detail. You can write by hand legibly or type on a paper, scan  and upload. 

  • Online teacher recommendation is open only after the complete submission of the application .


  • To apply, login after registration. 



  • Answer the question that is given in the online application form and upload the solution.

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